At AthenaDAO we bring advocacy and action together. You don't have to be a researcher, an expert in the field, or even a woman. If you are motivated by our mission and want to help with your know-how, become a contributor.

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Researchers get access to an unparalleled network: legal, strategic, network and support. By utilizing the latest tools like IP-NFTs as a new way to push scientific research forward, we can work in a more collaborative and transparent way.

New funding mechanism

Web3 incentives and technologies provide a new opportunity in capital generation and allocation. In Decentralized Science (DeSci) in particular the desire is to change systems based on hierarchies and exclusion. To learn more about the ATH token and how we leverage it to provide funding for researchers please go here.

Education & Resources

We are a community hub for women. We create opportunities to interact with the scientific community, influence what research is addressed, and provide access to the most up-to-date scientific research. We are focused on incentives that benefit women

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AthenaDAO is organized into Four Working Groups:

Operations WG

This WG is responsible for all the support functions (admin, logistics, coordination). Ops thinks ahead and can see the big picture but operates in the minutia. 

Science & Dealflow WG

This WG is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, funding, and incubating women’s health research. Members of the Science & Dealflow WG have a strong science and tech transfer background.

Comms & Awareness WG

This WG is responsible for increasing awareness of AthenaDAO and its mission, building a strong and engaged community, educating members and the broader audience on women’s health, and onboarding women and researchers into web3.

Tokenomics & Governance WG

This WG oversees and manages the governance processes of AthenaDAO. Governance is where those interested in helping define how new mechanisms work will thrive. 


Laura Minquini AthenaDAO Core Team

Laura Minquini

Core Lead

Inês Santos Silva Core Team Member AthenaDAO

Inês Santos Silva

Operations Lead

Estefano Pinilla Core Team Member AthenaDAO

Dr. Estefano Pinilla

Dealflow Co-Lead

Maria Marinova Core Team Member AthenaDAO

Dr. Maria Marinova

Dealflow Co-Lead


Prof Zhongwei Advisor AthenaDAO

Prof Zhongwei Huang

Deputy Director at ACRLE

Dr Jack Scannel Advisor AthenaDAO

Dr. Jack Scannell

R&D Expert

Prof Elisabeth Victorin Advisor AthenaDAO

Prof. Elisabet Stener-Victorin

Professor at Karolinska Institutet

Lutz Kummer

Lutz Kummer

R&D Managing Director at Molecule

Tyler Golato Advisor AthenaDAO

Tyler Golato

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Molecule

Vincent Weisser Advisor AthenaDAO

Vincent Weisser

Chief Ecosystem at Molecule

Paul Kohlhaas Advisor AthenaDAO

Paul Kohlhaas

Co-Founder & CEO at Molecule

Jose Nuno Pinto Advisor AthenaDAO legal

José Nuno Pinto

Legal Advisor

Todd White Advisor AthenaDAO

Todd White

Steward Coordination WG at VitaDAO

Alex Dobrin Advisor AthenaDAO

Alex Dobrin

Steward Comms & Awareness WG at VitaDAO

Our Community and Operations Team

Annica Swart Contributor AthenaDAO

Annica Swart

Operations Contributor

Brooke Tousdale Contributor AthenaDAO

Brooke Conti Trousdale

Science & Dealflow WG

Cassy Le Contributor AthenaDAO

Cassy Le

Science & Dealflow WG

Daniel Brock Contributor AthenaDAO

Daniel Brock

Science & Dealflow WG

Erin Dahl Contributor AthenaDAO

Erin Dahl

Comms & Awareness WG

Nidhi Parekh Contributor AthenaDAO

Nidhi Parekh

Comms & Awareness WG

Nandhini Gopal Contributor AthenaDAO

Nandhini Gopal

Comms & Awareness WG

Beata Baranowska Contributor AthenaDAO

Beata Baranowska


Johannes Weniger Contributor AthenaDAO

Johannes Weniger


Heinrich Tessendorf Contributor AthenaDAO

Heinrich Tessendorf


Celo Masson Contributor AthenaDAO

Cleo Manson

Comms & Awareness WG

Eleanor Davies

Eleanor Davies

Governance & Tokenomics WG

Leonard Boltz Contributor AthenaDAO

Leonard Boltz


Ezanne Tessendorf Contributor AthenaDAO

Ezanne Tessendorf


Victoria Dmitruczyk Contributor AthenaDAO

Victoria Dmitruczyk

Comms & Awareness WG

Max Unfried Advisor AthenaDAO

Max Unfried


Pepi Martinez Contributor AthenaDAO

Pepi Martinez



What is athenadao?

AthenaDAO is a decentralized community of researchers, funders, and advocates working to advance women’s health research, education, and funding.AthenaDAO is focused on science first. We primarily source, fund, and incubate translational R&D. We are particularly interested in transformative women’s health research.

Why athenadao?

AthenaDAO is addressing an overlooked area of academic and biomedical R&D: women’s health research. The lack of funding and clinical data has created a huge market gap, moreover it has impacted health care delivery for women. To learn more, please read:

why should I Join athenadao?

By joining AthenaDAO, you can actively participate in shaping the future of women's health. As a member, you gain opportunities to collaborate with experts, participate in decision-making processes, access exclusive events and opportunities, and be part of a diverse and inclusive community focused on transforming women's health research and funding.

Who should join AthenaDAO?

Everyone is welcome at AthenaDAO. Join our community in discord. For those not familiar with discord, please join our telegram.
If you are interested in funding AthenaDAO or special projects, please email us here.

Not sure yet? Keep up with our news and updates by reading our newsletter. Researchers or clinicians, please apply for funding or join our working groups.

Can I contribute to AthenaDAO without being a researcher or funder?

Absolutely! AthenaDAO welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. You can contribute to AthenaDAO's mission by participating in community discussions, providing feedback on projects, contributing your skills or knowledge, and supporting initiatives. Your unique perspective and contributions are valuable to the community.

What are AthenaDAO’s Working Groups?

The team at AthenaDAO is split into the following Working Groups:

  • Dealflow & Science WGC
  • Comms & Awareness WG
  • Operations WG
  • Governance and Tokenomics WG

Check our Community page for more information on the Working Groups.

What is Web3?

Web3 refers to the new generation of the internet that aims to decentralize control, empower individuals, and enable peer-to-peer interactions through blockchain and decentralized technologies. It emphasizes principles such as privacy, security, transparency, and user ownership of data.

What is Decentralized Science?

Decentralized science (DeSci) is a movement that aims to build public infrastructure for funding, creating, reviewing, crediting, storing, and disseminating scientific knowledge fairly and equitably using the Web3 stack. (Source:

What is a DAO?

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a type of organization that operates on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and collective decision-making. It leverages blockchain technology to enable participants to govern, fund, and coordinate activities without the need for a central authority.

What is a BIODAO?

A BioDAO, short for Biotech Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is focused on leveraging the collective efforts of diverse stakeholders to accelerate the development and distribution of biotech products and services throughout the entire lifecycle, from early conceptualization to market deployment. By utilizing blockchain technology and decentralized decision-making processes, a BioDAO aims to promote collaboration, innovation, and transparency within the biotechnology sector, ultimately advancing scientific discoveries, promoting accessibility, and addressing global challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and other areas of biotechnology.

How is a DAO organized?

A DAO is organized through various structures, with Working Groups being one important component. Here's an overview of how a DAO is organized:

Working Groups: Working Groups are formed within the DAO to focus on specific areas of interest or tasks. These groups consist of individuals with expertise and interest in the respective domain. Working Groups enable members to collaborate, share knowledge, and work together towards common goals within their designated areas.

Governance: The DAO's governance structure is responsible for making decisions and setting policies. It typically involves voting mechanisms where members can propose and vote on proposals, including funding decisions, project proposals, and governance changes. Governance ensures that decision-making power is decentralized, transparent, and collectively determined by the DAO's members.

Core Team: The Core Team comprises individuals responsible for the DAO's overall coordination. They are crucial in facilitating the DAO's operations, organizing activities, and ensuring effective communication among members. The Core Team may oversee the functioning of Working Groups and provide guidance and support as needed.

Membership: DAOs have a membership base consisting of individuals who have joined the organization and align with its mission and values. Members participate in discussions, contribute to projects, and engage in decision-making processes. Membership in a DAO like AthenaDAO is open to researchers, funders, advocates, and anyone interested in advancing women's health research.

Why is AthenaDAO a DAO?

AthenaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for several reasons:

Decentralization: By operating as a DAO, AthenaDAO embraces the principle of decentralization, which means decision-making power is distributed among its members. This ensures that the organization's actions and priorities are determined collectively, reflecting the diverse perspectives and expertise of its participants.

Community-driven: AthenaDAO is designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among its members. As a DAO, individuals from various backgrounds, including researchers, funders, and advocates, can actively participate in shaping the organization's initiatives, setting research priorities, and contributing their expertise. This collective approach empowers the community to drive the organization forward and create a shared vision for advancing women's health.

Transparency and accountability: DAOs are built on blockchain technology, which enables transparent and immutable record-keeping. By leveraging blockchain, AthenaDAO ensures that all transactions, funding decisions, and project updates are recorded on a public ledger, providing a high level of transparency and accountability. This transparency helps build trust among the community members and promotes a culture of openness.

New funding mechanisms: ​​AthenaDAO is leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate tokenization and, in this way, enable a broader range of individuals, including both traditional and crypto-savvy funders, to participate in funding women's health research.