AthenaDAO is a decentralized community of researchers, funders, and advocates working to advance women’s health research, education, and funding.

funding FAQ

AthenaDAO primarily funds translational R&D. We are particularly interested in transformational contributions to women’s health. We will also fund more ‘basic’ research that will be critical to moving the needle for science.

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Qualifying Projects
Who can apply for AthenaDAO funding?

All researchers are welcome to apply, including professors, post-docs, research scientists, and even students. We can also fund early stage biotech startups! There is no limitation to institution or country of origin and no Web3 knowledge is required.

Which projects would AthenaDAO fund? 

We would prioritize translational projects or ones with translational potential down the line. If you’re not sure whether your project is a good fit for AthenaDAO funding, you can connect with the 👉 AthenaDAO discord community for guidance, or ✉️ contact us.

What kind of research does AthenaDAO fund? 

Research with translation potential in underfunded areas of female reproductive health is our focus. We particularly want to fund the projects that are ‘moonshots’ – potentially revolutionary. On occasion we will also fund more ‘basic’ research. Current areas of focus:

  • Ovarian and reproductive aging

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome & Uterine fibroids

  • Endometriosis

How does funding from AthenaDAO work?

You apply with a grant-style application, our team of senior reviewers (professors, scientists, biotech operators, VC investors) will provide initial feedback. We will help you polish the project to comport with industry-standards for R&D, and then you submit a final application – following which we quickly (<1 month) vote on whether to fund it. Much faster than government grants!

Note: Existing biotech & femtech startups are also eligible for funding from AthenaDAO.

Do I need to own IP already? 

No, it’s not necessary to already own project IP.

Funding and terms
What are the deal terms? 

Terms vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the maturity of your data, R&D plan, and team.

Who owns the IP from funded projects? 

It depends on the funding terms, which are negotiated on a per project basis. In some cases AthenaDAO owns the intellectual property from the projects that it funds, either directly or in the form of an exclusive licence. In other cases the funded institution and other third parties can maintain partial or full ownership of IP.

What is the funding size? 

$50-150K. Funding may be lower or higher, depending on the project, but we prioritize lower budgets. 

What is the funding period?

1-2 years R&D, depending on project and funding size.

What can the funding be used for? 

The funding can be used for reasonable R&D and Operations expenses, such as: researchers salaries, equipment and material cost, lab spaces, legal fees.

How does the AthenaDAO application process work? 

After you fill out the application form, our internal team will do a preliminary assessment and get in touch if additional information is required. A panel of senior scientists will then assess the current project cohort. After projects are approved we will negotiate the deal terms with the appropriate institution. Depending on the project, funding could be provided in full or separated by milestones.

When funding is finalized we will ask for quarterly updates on the projects.

When are the application deadlines? 

We will have applications on a rolling basis. The first deadline is December 15th 2022.

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