• AthenaDAO

    Decentralized collective to fund women’s reproductive health research & drug discovery

  • About Us

    Why AthenaDAO?

    • There are considerable data and funding gaps, historical exclusion, and underrepresentation of women in health research.
    • DeSci (Decentralized Science) and web3 have created new mechanisms for funding. We want to leverage these tools and opportunities to bridge these gaps.
    • The first platform focused on helping female researchers with company formation and access to community and capital to truly increase diversity in biotech.
    • Rather than being the token woman in a project, creating a token for women to get involved in a cause that matters to them.

    What is AthenaDAO?

    AthenaDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a collective leveraging blockchain and crypto to fund women’s reproductive health.


    What is our Purpose?


    We want to reduce the funding gap in research and access to reproductive health by using blockchain technology to raise capital via token sales to fund research, drug development programs, and innovations.


    What is our Vision?


    A decentralized community addressing underfunded research in female reproductive health. Bridging the gaps between web3, science, and better access to reproductive healthcare innovations.

  • Meet the Team



    Laura Minquini


    Laura is an entrepreneur and founder of MYKIGAI, a discovery and recommendation platform focused on longevity.

    Inês Santos Silva


    Serial Impact Entrepreneur in the Diversity and Inclusion Space.

    Di Hu


    Di is skilled in research, analytical, and strategic planning with entrepreneurial training experiences.

    Sandra Almanza


    Sandra is a former evolutionary biologist with a background in anthropology.

    Maria Marinova


    Maria Marinova is a PhD Candidate at UNSW Medicine and ODLB1 Fellow. She’s a Dealflow and SciComm Contributor at VitaDAO and is immersed in the web3 space.